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Good Charlotte Kicks

Here's The Scoop!

tHe CdS oUt So PeOpLe SuPpOrT tHiS sUpEr BaNd AnD bUy It! It RuLeS!

If you live in the DC area, you have probably heard Little Things on 99.1 WHFS. We want it to remain in the countdown at night, so call in at 1-800-321-9437 or go to the web site (there is a link to it on the LINKS page) and request it!

12/04/2000 Richmond, VA WDYL Show
12/08/2000 Philadelphia, PA First Union Center, Y100' s Feastival w/ Everclear, Fuel, Live, & the Wallflowers
12/13/2000 Washington DC Patriot's Center, WHFS' Nutcracker with Green Day, Fuel, Lifehouse, Disturbed & more
12/15/2000 Providence, RI WFNX Show
12/16/2000 Charlotte, NC WEND Show
12/29/2000 Philadelphia, PA TLA, GC w/ special guest Mest & Vroom
12/31/2000 Washington DC 9:30 Club, New Year's Eve w/ Jimmies Chick Shack

We can't call Good Charlotte a local band anymore!
In Canada on July 17, GC began filming the video. The movie has been premiered on MTV and is played there! Watch for it! Also, if you have the GC CD, stick it in your computer and you can watch the movie. Pretty nifty, eh? The director is Nigel Dick...who has done videos for Offspring, Matchbox20, Brittney Spears, *NSYNC, Mandy Moore, Oasis, Ozzy, Guns & Roses, and he directed that made for MTV movie 2gether. Wow.
Go GC!

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