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The Music
Good Charlotte Kicks

The Music

The GC CD is finally out! It came out on September 26. It kicks!!!! Get it, it has all the lyrics in it and everything, and if you stick it in your computer, it will show ya the video to Little Things. :)

Aight people, I'm sorry....I have failed you....I haven't put a clip of any GC songs....but, um, I don't wanna get sued....AHHHHHHH!

WoW mAn, WoW. I got all this stuff here about the band and everything...but lets HOLD UP. What does GC have, exactly, to offer?
The first time I heard a Good Charlotte song, I was driving in the car with my sister, which is quite an experience in itself. But anyways... she was, should I say, sUrFiN the radio, found 99.1WHFS, and Little Things was on. She turned the radio on AS HIGH AS IT WOULD GO and was drummin' on the steering wheel. I listened to the lyrics and was like "WOW man, this song rocks!" (how I found who sings it is a whhhhoooole different story)! AnYwAyS....I think all Good Charlotte fans can agree with me when I say, we dig GC's stuff because it is something we can reate to. Or, at least I can.


GC Songs:
Aarons Licorice Nightmare
Can't Go On
Don't Wanna Stop
East Coast Anthem
Gravity Girl
Hey Dad
I Heard You
Just In Case
Let Me Go
Little Things
Superman Can't Walk
The Makeout Song
The Motivation Proclamation
Time After Time
Waldorf World Wide
Walk By

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